Thyroid alert! Foods to choose and those to avoid

Plagued with constant fatigue, hair loss and unexplained weight gain? The culprit could be your thyroid! Thyroid gland, situated in the neck, is the grandmaster of metabolism. It controls many activities in the body including how fast you burn calories […]

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Your life depends on your liver!

Your life depends on your liver!   Is life worth living?  It all depends on your liver, said William James, an American philosopher.  Indeed, what can be more important to life than keeping the liver happy.  Just consider these facts: […]

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Weight loss: Strategies that work!

Weight loss: Strategies that work! Theories galore abound the weight loss phenomenon.  Nothing invites as much discussion, debate, controversies and opinions as the burning question “how to lose weight” and lose it fast!   From diet plans to weight loss […]

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Protein: An Essential Nutrient

Proteins to the human body are what water is to plants. Growth, development and in fact our very survival depends upon the protein intake!   Proteins are unique in the sense that they can multitask like no other nutrient. Let’s […]

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