10 foods to avoid when not working out

Working out is the best way to burn calories and stay fit. The total energy that we burn in a day is divided into three parts—Basal metabolic rate, digestion and activity.

The energy that is needed by the body to perform various functions such as breathing, pumping of the heart, maintaining body temperature and other internal processes that are carried out involuntarily, is known as basal metabolism or BMR (basal metabolic rate).

The muscle mass of a person also determines how much energy is spent at complete rest.  Hence a muscular man or woman would have a higher BMR than a person with more body fat percentage.

Working out in a correct way results in increased muscle mass and toning, thereby increasing energy expenditure.  If for any reason, you have to stop working out, you can still continue to eat right and avoid harmful foods to minimize muscle mass loss until you can begin to work out again.

Read on to know what foods to avoid when not working out.

  1. White rice: Highly polished refined white rice is devoid of all nutrients except starch.  Besides, it is zero in fiber which means that one tends to eat more rice as compared to other fiber rich cereals like whole wheat, ragi, and other millets.  Eating more starch also makes you sleepy since all the blood reaches the stomach to help digest the huge load of carbohydrates.   This means less activity during the day, which can in turn spoil all the benefits of workouts.   Use multigrains and Indian millets like foxtail millet, ragi, jowar and bajra instead of white rice to keep yourself more active and lean.


  1. Fried foods: All fried stuff carry a huge load of calories since one gram of any fat or oil gives 9 calories.  So eating even a small piece of a fried food can silently pack on additional calories and fat.


  1. Sugar: Sugar in added or inherent form is present in many foods.  Table sugar that is added to beverages and sweets will tend to add considerable calories in a day.  Soft drinks and tetrapak juices even when they claim to contain no added sugar, are inherently sugar rich or contain toxic sweeteners which in the long run can make you gain weight as per recent studies.  Use natural sweetening foods like dry or fresh dates, fruits and cinnamon to flavour foods instead of sugar.


  1. Ice cream: This food is a sure way of piling on unwanted kilos when there are no workouts.  Being very high on both sugars and fats, ice creams are loaded with calories.  When you do not have the back up of your regular workouts, try and avoid indulging in ice-creams


  1. Fast food : Pizza , burger, masala dosa are all very tempting but can be killer foods especially when there is zero workout


  1. Chocolates: Although touted for being a “health food”, chocolates are not devoid of calories, being a concentrated source of sugar and fats.  Unless it is the dark bitter chocolate that has very less or no sugar, you are better off avoiding chocolates while staying away from your usual workouts


  1. Juices: People tend to overdo juices thinking it to be the most nutritious way of getting vitamins.  Far from truth, juices are nothing but colored water, devoid of everything except natural or added sugars.  Eat whole fruits instead of going in for packed or fresh juices


  1. Supplements: Workouts mean protein supplements for many men.  Many gym trainers also “advise” taking supplements like creatine, caffeine or high protein to build muscle mass.  While they are not safe even when working out, they are more dangerous when off your workouts.   Not only do they stress out your kidneys by increasing levels of toxins and acids in the body, but also are useless in the absence of exercise.  Muscles tend to take in proteins only when they are being exercised

  1. Carb rich fruits: Eating a banana or making a smoothie out of it is a popular pre workout snack for some.   While it may be okay when you are working out intensely, it will only make you put on weight when not working out.   Eat a different fruit every day when not exercising and limit portions of high carb fruits like banana, chikkoo and jackfruit

  1. Meat: Red meat is high on saturated fats and cholesterol, not to mention the calories.   When not working out, it is all the more important to stay off red meats.  Choose sea fish like mackerel, tuna, salmon instead


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