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Why Us

At Calorie Care, our aim is to provide an easier and more convenient approach for you to make healthy meal choices whether you are at home or at work.

We cook healthy meals which are low in cholesterol, low in fat, high in fibre and provide the right amount of protein along with essential vitamins and minerals. And you have a choice of calorie levels because we know different people have different needs.

Managing your calorie intake is not just about cutting calories, but also ensuring that you are getting valuable nutrients for every calorie that you consume. For e.g. you can eat calorie rich but nutrient ‘dead’ potato chips calories vs. nutrient rich peanuts & almonds ( best if they’re not salted!). We use fresh and densely nutrient-laden ingredients in all our meals. There are no artificial sweeteners, supplements or substitutes used as shortcuts to reduce the calorie count of our meals.

Healthy meals from Calorie Care are not bland, monotonous diets.

We use creativity and variety in our menus to keep your taste buds interested and excited about every meal. You can choose between a wide variety of Indian, International cuisines as well as Gourmet soup & Salad meals. You can even mix and match your meals (Vegetarian on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Non-vegetarian on Wednesday & Friday).
We serve our meals in convenient, tray packed, disposable containers which are delivered to the location of your choice. Just remove the wrap, place the tray in a microwave, and you have a piping hot, fresh meal - no mess!

Whatever your health and fitness goals are, we can help you with our calorie counted meals.

For those of you looking to lose weight, you can choose from our selection of low or medium calorie meals; if you need to put on weight, our high calorie meals could be the choice for you. We have special diets - low sugar and/or low salt for individuals with diabetes and hypertension. High protein meals for individuals who are working to increase their muscle mass.
Our meals are hygienically cooked and packed in our ultra modern health kitchen, with separate sections for vegetarian and non vegetarian meals. We are happy to have you drop in for a visit.
Making a healthy meal choice is now just a click away!


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