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To make nutritionally balanced, freshly cooked healthy meals, by sourcing the finest ingredients and thus making it accessible to everyone.


We are a healthy meal subscription service who make all meals nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned, to suit our customers. If you ever wished for everyday healthy meals that are personalised to fit your needs delivered to you, we are at your service, and with different cuisines, too. We provide freshly cooked calorie-counted meals to individuals across Mumbai, including officegoers. Our meals are not about bland, dull, self-deprivation, or complicated fad diets – they are a healthy lifestyle.


Our team of creative chefs and dieticians work together to ensure that your meal is not just healthy, but also tasty and varied. Each meal, made using the finest ingredients, is designed to provide balanced nutrition – a judicious mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and high-fibre, low-fat and minimal-cholesterol content. For people following special diets and with health issues, we plan and create tasty, varied meals. Customise your meals by choosing the type of diet, the meal, veg/non-veg requirements, portions, and the cuisine to get your healthy outcome.


High standards – Clean kitchens

All our meals are cooked and packed in our health kitchen spread over 1800 sq. ft. Non-vegetarian food is cooked in a separate section and the supplies are stocked separately to ensure that vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are not mixed. Salads and fruit bowls are prepared in an air-conditioned environment and the food is not touched by hand while packaging. The meals are individually packed in hygienic, contamination-proof packages with a clear account of the nutritional content printed on each package.

*All our customers are welcome to visit the kitchen at any time, with or without prior notice.

Tailor-made for various health issues

Special diets and meals for common health issues – weight loss, weight training, diabetic, hypertension, low sodium and low sugar, Keto – need to be made with attention to detail. Our menus are designed by nutritionists and dieticians to suit these individual needs. All the ingredients are carefully weighed and cooked as per Calorie Care's recipes.

In-house delivery

We have a team dedicated to providing you with timely meals. Our in-house delivery personnel ensure that your meal reaches you on time every day. We are the only service provider who does 100% in-house delivery.


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