15 High-Fiber Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Fiber or roughage is usually considered important to keep your gut clean and system functioning, which is why most weight loss meal plans recommend  high-fiber foods. Dietary fiber is both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre  helps in lowering cholesterol and glucose, which in turn helps in staying healthy and reducing weight. Insoluble fibre helps in intestinal movement and maintaining the digestive system.


The sources of fiber in nature are mainly plant based.  For instance, most mineral rich, low-calorie foods like fruits and vegetables are full of fiber. Beans and legumes are another way of introducing high-fiber foods in your diet. Whole wheat flour, some kinds of nuts and wheat bran are also rich sources of fiber. On the other hand, red meat, lean meat and other kinds of meat, poultry or dairy products contain next to no fiber!


To include fiber in your diet, it is important to maintain a high protein – high fiber meal plan and include all kinds of food sources in your meal. Here’s a list of some high-fiber foods which you must add to your diet to aid in weight loss:


1. Oatmeal


One of the best high-fiber foods to start your day with, especially when you are trying to lose weight, a 1/2 cup of serving of oats will give you around 4 gm of fiber. However, remember to use the old fashioned steel cut oats instead of the regular ones. You could cook it with milk and top the dish off with your favourite fruits to have a wholesome yet delicious breakfast loaded with fiber, minerals and the right amount of carbs.


2. Beans


Nothing says lunch better than a bowl of baked beans. Be it the typical kidney beans, black beans or garbanzo beans, they are all full of fiber. Half a cup of beans packs around 6 gm of fibre, which will help you shed those extra kilos. Prepare taco fillings, mexican stews or veggie burger patties in appropriate quantities to last you a week and store it in your refrigerator.


3. Chia Seeds


If you have started your weight loss journey, we assume you already know about chia seeds. One of the most high-fiber foods on the planet, this superfood can be added to any dish of your choice. Sprinkle on your overnight oats or your morning smoothie to add generous amounts of fiber to your diet. Two tablespoons of chia seeds give you around 11 gm of fiber, which will help you lose weight faster.


4. Raspberries


Remember the little seeds that stick in between your teeth and irritate you when you eat these delicious, supple, red berries? Well, those seeds make raspberries full of fiber, one cup has about 8 gm, which is impressive. You can add them to your morning oatmeal or mash them with your banana as a snack.


5. Lentils


Another entry on the high-fiber foods – lentils are there to sort out your lunch-dinner worries. 1/2 a cup packs almost 8 gm of fiber. Use them in salads or make lentil soups; your meals will be better, more proteinous and fibrous once you switch to lentils.


6. Artichoke


A medium sized artichoke works well as an in-between snack or a side dish. Add it to your meals (and pizzas) to get 7 gm of fiber for every 1/2 a cup. Low on calories and quite filling, artichokes work best in diet regimens.


7. Flax Seeds


You can instantly increase your fiber intake by using flax seeds with your meals. Use them with your smoothies or flour mix or simply marinate your chicken breast with them. A nutty flavour and 6 gms of fiber – what better way to lose some weight!


8. Avocado


Everybody knows avocados as the “good-fat” source, but this creamy, buttery fruit is great to add fiber to your diet as canwell. Half a cup has around 5 gm of fiber, which means spreading it on your morning toast is even healthier now.


9. Broccoli


1 cup of cooked broccoli is equivalent to around 5 gm of fiber, which makes it one of the most high-fiber foods. Make stir-fries or eat it steamed with a hummus or yogurt dip to satiate your taste buds. One of the most important vegetables to aid you lose weight, broccoli will take care of your daily fiber needs.


10. Chickpeas


Only half a cup of these beige toned beans will provide around 8 gm of fiber. Whip up different hummus dips with garlic, beets or even avocado, or use them in your salads. You can also use them as a snack as roasted chickpeas to work wonders in keeping you full! Chickpeas are quite versatile since they can be used with different seasonings to keep your meal interesting.


11. Kiwi


One of the healthiest fruits on the platter – two medium sized kiwis are enough to give you 4 gm of fiber. The fruit is tasty and works wonders while trying to lose weight. Oh, and apart from that, it also helps decrease the triglycerides level in blood, which is a win-win!


12. Beets


Vegetables that are dark in colour are usually high on fiber and so are beets. You can add them to your daily diet apart from carrots and brussels sprouts to load on the fiber. Use onions, peppers and spinach to create a low-calorie but high-fiber meal to curb your hunger and lose weight effectively. 1 full cup will add around four gms of fiber to your diet.


13. Quinoa


This ancient Incan grain has been found great in aiding weight loss. It adds a whole lot of fiber to your diet (about 5 gm per cup) which is more than most other grains. You can use it in salads or make porridge out of it, which is why this is one of the healthiest grains on the planet today.


14. Pears


If you like pears, you are in luck. Yes, they are sweet, but they are also high on fiber. Remember not to peel the skin as that is the main source of fiber in this fruit. A medium sized pear has around 6 gms of fiber. Roast them or eat them raw – they make for great snacks!


15. French Beans


Packed with fiber, french beans are different from the regular green beans. You can have them steamed, with a sprinkle with lime juice or stir fry them with other vegetables to enjoy a low-calorie and high fiber lunch at work. Almost 9 gms fiber with just 1/2 a cup of these magic beans will work wonders, if you are trying to lose weight.

Make sure you increase your fiber intake slowly over a couple of weeks to ease into a high-fiber meal plan. Daily requirements of fiber vary between 25-35 gm a day, which can be achieved by following a proper High Protein – High Fiber meal plan. So eat smart and lose weight faster!