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Corporate Catering


Many corporate offices spend a great deal of money on ensuring employee satisfaction, yet they often neglect the big role of catering services in maintaining employee health and satisfaction. Our corporate catering service will provide meals that are not just tasty, but also nutritionally-balanced and hygienic, thus contributing to the long term well-being of your team. We offer meals through the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meal snacks. Our wide range of nutritionist designed meals (chefs and nutritionists worked together to create over 2000 recipes) spanning Indian, Continental and Oriental cuisines ensure that the meals do not become mundane. On request, we also offer you a monthly dietician counselling camp at your office.

Our catering service is designed to service offices with at least 15 employees to up to 500 employees. Depending on the no. of employees, and the requirement, we provide meals in the following formats:

  1. Buffet catering: Provide healthy meals in bulk where employees have to self-serve as per their need
  2. Individual meals: Provide individual meal trays as per each employee's requirement

Each week's menu is shared a week in advance, so we can incorporate any changes that you would like to do to the menu.

Some of our clients include leading companies such as Daiwa portfolio advisory, Miles India IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, D Decor, Lapis India capital, Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd etc.

To know more about our service options, sample menus, pricing and terms, please contact our corporate sales team at 022-24122100 or write to us at

School Catering

We cater to institutions and schools. Some of the schools to whom we provide our healthy meals are Campion School, J.B.Petit High School for Girls, Billabong International School in Mumbai and St. Peter's School in Panchgani. We design wholesome and delicious meals keeping in mind the special nutritional requirements of students.

  • Nutritionally balanced: Nutritionist designed meals have the appropriate carbohydrate-protein balance
  • High-protein intake: Important for healthy growth and muscular development of children
  • Rich in Fibre: Our chefs work hard to include fruits and vegetables in a way children are happy to have
  • Ward-off child obesity: We limit the consumption of empty calories in the form of refined carbohydrates such as table sugar, maida, white bread etc. in our meals
  • Variety: Children get bored easily therefore we have different menu on each day to ensure they eat well
  • Good calories: Children burn a lot of energy so they need to eat; there is no need to artificially limit their calorie intake. Our meals ensure that they eat good calories (natural foods with a good amount of protein, fibre and other nutrients) instead of empty calories (junk food - only sugars and fried foods without any nutrients)
  • All natural: We don't use artificial colours



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