Weight loss: Strategies that work!

Weight loss: Strategies that work!

Theories galore abound the weight loss phenomenon.  Nothing invites as much discussion, debate, controversies and opinions as the burning question “how to lose weight” and lose it fast!


From diet plans to weight loss tips, from belly fat burning to weight loss surgeries, there are solutions churned out aplenty.

Of key interest is to note that while opinions and theories are everywhere, not everyone is an expert on the subject, including the one who manages to lose weight.  Reason?  What works for one, may or may not work for another!  Each person has a different metabolism, body composition, diet pattern, habits, beliefs, way of cooking…there’s an endless list of variables which can never be put together in a one formula for all weight loss mantra.

Recent media interest has sparred debates on how Anant Ambani lost close to 70 kilos in 10 months.  The secret is not out yet, but for all those who want weight loss tips and tricks to address obesity fast, here is some – expert – advice!


Mantra 1: Set reasonable goals:

Size zero may look very agreeable on supermodels and celebs, but is not a practical goal to have for most people.  Losing 100 kilos in 5 months is impossible and dangerous unless done under constant medical and nutrition supervision.  So, before you set a target for weight loss, consult a dietitian or doctor to know what weight range would be attainable and good for you.


Mantra 2: Decide why you would want to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight fast for that upcoming wedding or the event, it may not be sustainable beyond that event!  To have a short and long term goal for weight loss is very important.  It is true that most patients would rather go in for short term drastic measures for weight loss rather than long term healthy measures.  But doing so comes with its own set of health problems – weakness, fatigue, low blood sugar, nutrient deficiencies, weak bones and so on.   The primary reason for losing weight should be good health and not a wedding or a party!


Mantra 3: Crash diets or very low calorie diets do not work !

Intense very low calorie diet plans or “crash diets” are not only unsustainable, but can also be dangerous!  Research has shown that although people manage to lose 20 % of weight with very low calorie diet plans in the short term, they regained more than 50 % in the next two years.

Mantra 4: Get a personalized diet and treatment plan for weight loss

You are unique and different.  Just as you would try out clothes to see if they fit your size, you need to get a tailor made diet plan that works for you.   What worked for Anant Ambani or Kareena Kapoor may not be your cup of tea!  Be honest with your nutritionist when you discuss what works for you.  Working with an expert also keeps the motivation levels up.


Weight loss tips and tricks

To lose 1 kilo of weight in a week, you would need to burn close to 7000 calories or create a deficit of that much by a combination of diet and exercise.    In a very low calorie diet plan, women would need 1000 to 1200 calories per day and men would need 1400 calories per day to achieve a weight loss of half a kilo.  This is only in theory, while there are so many variables in individuals that can make them lose more or less with that diet plan.


So in what ways can you cut down on calories without skipping meals and missing out on foods all at once?  Read on…

  1. Reduce sugar gradually in tea, coffee, beverages. Start out by cutting sugar intake to half of your normal, then slowly make it one fourth.  Sudden cessation of sugar sets up a craving cycle which can make you reach for chocolates or sweets.   Try beverages that do not need sugar such as green tea, black tea with lemon, masala chai and so on
  2. Replace full fat or regular milk with skimmed milk. This reduces calories by more than 60%.  Set your fresh curd and make paneer at home using skimmed milk for lower fat versions of the calcium rich dairy products
  3. Reduce the amount of oil used in cooking. Use non stick pans and pots.  Make dosa or phulka without oil.  Grill, bake or microwave dishes using very little oil instead of frying in the pan.  Using 2 to 3 teaspoons of healthy oils in a day would be ideal
  4. Choose lower calorie vegetables over starchy ones. There is no need to avoid roots and tubers, but use them occasionally, while lower calorie veggies like green leaves, cucumber, tomato, gourds, and green peas can be used more
  5. Choose brown rice and brown rice flour over white. This fills you up faster, and keeps you feeling full for longer time.  Use brown rice instead of white to make idlis, dosas, adai and so on
  6. Fill yourself up with fluids in-between and before meals. This helps you to cut down cravings and overeating.  Choose low calorie fluids like home made vegetable soups, buttermilk, veg juices and smoothies without sugar or cream, coconut water, and thin kanji
  7. Eat before you are hungry and do not wait for full blown hunger to set in where it is difficult to control the amount of food you eat. Eat slowly and stop just before you feel full.
  8. Have smaller meals throughout the day than 3 big ones. Start by reducing the amount of rice or rotis to three fourths the original quantity, then to half.  While decreasing the staple, increase the sides (vegetables, salads, soups, curd, dals)
  9. Eat fruits in between meals
  10. Never skip Breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day
  11. Have early and light dinners
  12. Make place for your favourite treats in your diet plan – set a date in the calendar once a month where you will feast on one of your favourite foods. Order just half plate of your favourite, or if not possible, pack the half.  Exercise more that day and the next.  Eat very less for the next meal


With the right diet plan and monitoring from experts, you can lose weight safely and keep it off.   Choosing the right diet plan comes easy thanks to Calorie Care. Just pick your favourite meals at www.caloriecare.com and know the calorie count to the last digit that’ll help you lose weight and stay healthy!