Tips for a Healthier Breakfast

Most of us have heard the common saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ – while it does sound like a cliche, there is a lot of truth to it. Eating breakfast helps to kick-start your metabolism ensuring that you burn calories more efficiently throughout the day and provides you with the nutrients you need to fuel your body.

A lot of people these days claim that they don’t have time for breakfast – in our fast-paced, work-driven world, we either eat on the go or not at all. We’ve put together a list of useful tips to help you enjoy a healthier breakfast every day!

Eat Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs are a great source of various essential nutrients and one of the best breakfast options out there. They not only provide high-quality protein, they help to reduce cholesterol, and are also linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Eggs help to maintain steady insulin and blood sugar levels, reduce calorie intake at subsequent meals and ensure that you feel full throughout the day. The best thing about eggs for breakfast is that they can be cooked in several ways. You can prepare hard-boiled eggs in advance and carry them to work if you don’t like to eat as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Add Oatmeal to your morning diet

Oatmeal is a very healthy and nutritious breakfast choice. It is made from a unique fibre which has several health benefits – it helps to reduce cholesterol and increase feelings of fullness. If you want to ensure your breakfast contains enough protein you can prepare your oats with milk or include a plate of scrambled eggs on the side. Additionally, you can top up your oats with dried fruits such as raisins or chopped fresh fruits like apples or bananas.

Start your day with a protein shake

A protein shake or smoothie is a great option if you don’t like to eat first thing in the morning. You can opt from an array of protein powders such as whey, egg, pea or soy protein. However, whey protein is absorbed most quickly from the gut compared to other proteins and it contains all the essential amino acids.

Whichever protein powder you choose, a high-protein shake ensures that you feel full and you can include seeds or fruits to add fibre or antioxidants to your shake.

Bananas for breakfast

Bananas are a great source of potassium, magnesium and fibre thus providing the body with several essential nutrients. Since they reduce hunger pangs and boost energy they are the ideal choice for your breakfast meal. But, avoid eating a banana on the go without adding anything else to your breakfast. They can be viewed as an accompaniment to a breakfast meal rather than a meal by themselves. If you add them to your cereal or oats, they serve as a great substitute for sugar, sweetening your breakfast the healthy way.


Remember that eating breakfast in the morning is essential if you want to enjoy all the benefits listed above. The later you eat breakfast, the less likely it will prove to be a healthy meal. If you’re on the lookout for healthy breakfast options, head on over to  Calorie Care for some delicious meal choices.