Get The Red Carpet look

Red CarpetIt’s the Cannes season again !  If you catch yourself wondering how the celebs manage that perfect red carpet  look, read on.. It does take a lot of hard work and commitment to achieve that camera friendly look !Here are some helpful tips to get you onto the health journey.

# 1:  Stay active and exercise.

  These two are mutually exclusive.  If you get an hour’s exercise done, you cannot, laze around the whole day.  Similarly, if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet a lot, you still cannot dump the heart healthy exercise regime. Research has confirmed that any amount of exercise, at any age, is beneficial. It is recommended that everyone should attempt for a total of half-an-hour to one-hour-per-day of physical activity. The hour can be split into several short bursts of activity (it can be walking, gardening, even heavy house cleaning) done throughout the day.

Some simple techniques to increase the daily activity levels:

  •  If you always take the elevator or escalator, try the stairs.
  •  If you try to park next to the door of wherever you’re going, park farther away and walk.
  •  If your habit is to eat at your desk, take a 10 to 20-minute walk first, then have your lunch (or take a walk after you eat).
  • Instead of sending an email / calling up your colleague across the floor, walk up and deliver the message in person.
  • Instead of watching TV or staying indoors with the various chores all day Saturday and Sunday, plan active weekends. Go to the park, walk your dog or take up swimming or actively playing with the children are great ways of exercising. And if you are even more enthusiastic, take up a sport that you like.

 # 2:  Eat natural, eat healthy.

  • Have frequent and small meals – Having 6 small meals helps to regulate the blood sugar, controls the cravings and keeps away hunger. It also maintains metabolism efficiency.
  • Increase fibre in your diet – Consuming fibre rich foods can help you feel full for a longer time and as it delays the digestion process; you do not feel hungry for a long time.  Sprouts, fruits, chana chaat, boiled corn and veggie stir fries are some of the ways you can add fibre to your in-between munching sprees.
  • Cut down on sugar – Refined sugars play a role in our diets by contributing to our growing waistlines. Sugar increases the blood sugar and insulin level which causes our body to start storing and stop burning fat.
  •  Limit fatty food – Cut down on fatty foods like meat, full cream milk, cheese, butter, ghee, fried foods etc.
  • Avoid skipping meals – Skipping meals can make you binge or overeat between meals as you tend to feel hungry.
  •  Limit portion sizes – If the portion sizes of your meals are large, you will tend to gain weight. So have smaller meals and keep a check on your portion sizes.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of lifestyle that translates into a healthy mind, body and soul. Hectic work schedules need not come in the way of achieving that balance, for Calorie Care offers a one stop shop for healthy,portion controlled and nutritious meals that you can order anytime !  Just visit for more nutrilicious options!