4 types of foods you must eat this summer

Not all of us carry our lunches while going to work and resort to eating food made in restaurants or depend on street food. While these foods taste good they are full of fat and sugar. Such foods not only take a huge toll on our physical health but also affect our moods and make us irritated and angry.

The rising temperatures and humidity drain the energy out of us and making us prone to dehydration and other diseases. Hence it is important to stay fit and healthy during the summer. And one way to do this is to eat right foods at the right time and in right quantities.

During summer, it is best to eat five to six small and light meals throughout the day. You should eat foods that contain water and are rich in minerals since they maintain the water balance in the body and prevent dehydration. Here are a few foods you must eat in summer—

Fresh salads

Salads made with fresh vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, radishes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and other fresh vegetables are extremely healthy. Almost 95% of Zucchini is water and it contains certain essential minerals and vitamins that help in maintaining the water balance in the body. Bell peppers, cherry tomatoes are rich source of vitamin C that has benefits like preventing heart disease, boosts immune system and more.

Fresh fruits

If you have a sweet tooth and can’t do without a bite of your favourite Indian sweet or a chocolate after your meals, replace it with some fresh fruits this summer. Eat fruits like watermelons, papaya, oranges, musk melons, all of which are easy to digest and also have a variety of health benefits. Watermelons are rich in vitamin A, B6 and C, they also contain certain antioxidants. Papaya is rich in fibre and contains flavonoids like vitamin A which boost eye sight. Oranges on the other hand are one of the richest sources of vitamin C which is important for day-to-day body functions.

Fresh fruit juices

The key to staying healthy during the summer is to drink lot of fluids. But do you end up drinking packaged juices or aerated drinks. They have more sugar than freshly pressed juices and also contain artificial flavours and preservatives which are harmful to the body. Ditch them and switch to fresh juices. Fresh juices are low on sugar and contain almost all the nutrition of the fruits. You can also drink coconut water every morning during the summer to prevent heat strokes and dehydration. Coconut water contains minerals and is an excellent diuretic which means it keeps your kidneys healthy. You can also drink kokum juice and other typically Indians juices like Khas etc.


A bowl of curd with every meal is essential during summer. Curds contain probiotics which are essential to keep the bacteria in your stomach healthy. Curds help in fighting acidity and other stomach problems and have a cooling effect on the stomach. If you don’t like eating plain curds, drink chaas or lassi. You can also add some chaat masala and salt to enhance the taste of your chaas. If you prefer lassi, add some rose syrup as that too, has a cooling effect on the body.

From fresh fruit juices to fresh and light salads, Calorie Care brings you a wide range that is not only healthy but will also keep you cool this summer.