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What is a

Ketogenic diet

A ketogetic diet is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb-25 gms/day diet; which prompts the liver to produce ketones. A ketone body is a fat soluble water molecule which is made up of betahydroxybutarate and acetoacetate.This ketone body has twice the amount of energy that a carbohydrate/glucose molecule has; and can travel through the blood-brain barrier to our cells; thus amplifying the energy or ATP production in the mitochondria of our cells.

Benefits of a Keto Meal Plan

It has tremendous benefits to the body and brain, as cells are multiplying rapidly.

It promotes fat burning
It enhances the production of good bacteria
It reduces inflammation in the brain and body
It helps in fighting cancer, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's and epilepsy.
It repairs your DNA
It fights chronic fatigue
It quickens your metabolism and is a great detox
It improves overall vitality and well being
It uses fat from fat cells for energy, promoting weight loss and more energy

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Keto Specialist and Advisor, Calorie Care

Arunava Bhattacharya is a graduate in pharmacy with certifications in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training.

He is a Fitness Transformation Specialist, who trains and counsels his clients with customised diet plans and workout routines to help them achieve their health goals.

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