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Presenting dairy-free, healthy and nutritious Vegan Desserts. They are suitable for even lactose-intolerant people and contain all the benefits of coconut milk, tender coconut pulp and water. When it comes to health, these products are rich in medium chain fatty acids (lauric acid) which increases immunity and body metabolism (helps in digestion).
These Vegan ice creams are rich in Proteins (glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and arginine), essential Vitamins (E and B6), Minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous iron, sodium and copper) and anitioxidants. According to research, the fatty acids (high oleic and lauric acid) in coconut milk are instrumental in preventing arteriosclerosis.

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  • Vegan
  • Guilt-Free
  • Mid-Meal
  • Dairy-Free


Coconut Milk & Pulp

They helps in boosting the immune system.
Though it is rich in saturated fat, coconut
milk can help you to lose weight. The saturated
fat in coconut milk is made up of short chain & medium chain
fatty acids that the body quickly turns into energy,
instead of storing fat, therefore coconut can aid in
weight loss. The coconut milk is Trans fat free &
Cholesterol free.

Soya Protein

It is plant protein isolated from soya bean.
It is a complete protein which contains
all the essential amino acids which body
cannot synthesize on its own. So, they are obtained from
foods like soya bean. When compared with whey protein
& casein proteins, it takes middle place to build up


It is a carbohydrate which adds body
to the product

Stabilizers & Emulsifiers

These are the additives used to improve
the texture & keeping quality of ice-creams

Enjoy these delicious desserts and stay away from the temptation of unhealthy, nutritionally-empty snacks and remain guilt-free!


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