Achieving your health goals is a cakewalk. With Calorie Care on your side

We are what we eat, goes a popular adage. It is true, especially for those who are pursuing health goals. It is imperative that you stick not just to a balanced diet, but also to a healthy and nutrient-rich one.

Modern life, especially the urban lifestyle of Mumbai poses several challenges to its residents. Long hours at work and stressful commuting are driving citizens to neglect their nutrition intake. From whatever time people can salvage, they either dash to the nearby fast food stall, or order whatever is available on the food aggregator apps. These foods do not specify the nutritional values and most probably are different variations of junk food. Consuming such foods is jeopardizing the health of people, which is why we are noticing a sharp rise in lifestyle diseases.

We noticed this alarming trend and decided to address it with due diligence. At Calorie Care, we are absolutely focussed on your calorie intake and care for your health and well-being.

Spread over a sprawling area of 1800 sq. ft, our kitchen is a beehive of activity. Expert nutritionists, trained dieticians and prolific chefs jostle with determination. Mixing, tossing and concocting recipes from across the world, to brighten up your world.

The ingredients we order must undergo stringent quality checks before they end up in our kitchen. Which is why we procure them from trustworthy vendors. Organic, unadulterated and non-gmo food is painstakingly procured directly from the source. Farm fresh supplies are then segregated into vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories and stored separately. The storage facilities are quality checked from time to time to ensure that the refrigeration remains up to the set standards and there is no growth of hazardous pathogens.

We have demarcated facilities to ensure that our vegetarian and non-vegetarian food stock does not mix at any point of contact. Vegetarian food is cooked in the vegetarian section while non-vegetarian food is hygienically prepared in the specially allotted non-veg section.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always on the menu of health-conscious people, especially seasonal ones. They are abundantly rich in antioxidants and full of vitamins and minerals. Extra care is taken to keep them fresh and crisp. Right from the storage to the making, our salad experts work hard to maintain freshness and taste. Salads and fruit bowls are prepared in an air-conditioned environment. Due care is taken not to touch the salads and fruit mixes while packaging. Maintaining the highest levels of hygiene, our packers individually pack the meals in contamination-proof packages. Each package is marked with a clear account of nutritional content. Our consumers are always aware of the number of calories, sugar intake and nutritional value of the food they consume.

Calorie Care has a special menu for people with health issues like diabetes, hypertension, high/low blood pressure etc. This menu is created by expert nutritionists and is highly recommended for weight loss, weight training and for those on Keto diets. All the ingredients are carefully weighed and cooked to perfection as per Calorie Care guidelines.

Even in times of stiff competition, you will not find a single restaurant providing calorie-regulated and nutrient-rich recipes for your individual needs. So, if you are looking for low-sodium or low-sugar recipes, you know where to look.

Our operations are not limited to procuring and cooking. Because, even though preparing individually targeted and tailor-made meals sounds difficult, delivering them in a fresh and crisp state is a bigger challenge. Precisely why, we have a dedicated team ready to deliver leak-proof, hygienically packed meals with clockwork precision. Because you can get a food craving at any time, we are equipped to prepare it exactly as per your liking and taste. Then deliver it within the city limits to our discerning customers. We are the only service providers who don’t depend on other food aggregators for delivery. Our cent percent in-house delivery channel ensures, you get your food delivered on time, every time.

Never ever say, “miss you” to Tiramisu or “Et tu, Brute” to Caesar salad. Give in to your food cravings, order with pride and enjoy without guilt. After all, what is tasty, need not be nasty and what is healthy, need not be tasteless. Trust Calorie Count to make your days bright, and keep your heart healthy and your body fit. We serve what you deserve.